Bayshore Blvd needs Protected Lanes Now.

The members of @PeopleProtected want to make Bayshore Blvd and connections to other critical D10 bike routes Safe for all road users.

Join an @PeopleProtected and D10 Supervisor Shamann Walton for action on Thursday April 4th from 5.30-6.30pm on Bayshore @ Marin st. To sign up, CLICK HERE

People walking and biking are threatened by cars on Bayshore Blvd in D10.  Given the topography of Bernal Hill, Potrero, Silver Terrace, and the Portola,  Bayshore blvd is a critical route for people walking, biking and taking transit. Bayshore is an official SF bike route.

In January 2019 a 28 year old man was seriously injured in a hit and run at Bayshore & Marin.

Protected bike lanes increase safety for all road users, including people walking and even driving.

The SFMTA has a small hairball safety project in process. But only near-term paint has been installed. No physical protection has been created

Bayshore @ Marin needs Cement-protected bike lane.

This is where we will meet on April 4th 5-6.30pm on April 4th.

Anyone who walks or bikes this area knows how threatening this road is.  Look at the bike lane & sidewalk below (note: bike riders actually travel both North & South in this dangerous unprotected lane)  This is a major bike & pedestrian connection from Cesar Chavez and Potrero. The cars in this image are likely traveling 35-45mph. Anyone traveling with a mobility device (wheelchair, shopping car, bicycle, etc can’t even fit on this narrow sidewalk).

Oakdale @ Bayshore

Intersections need to be the safest part of bike routes. This intersection of the Oakdale bike route to Bayshore and Loomis street is scary for even the most advanced bike user. Protected lanes should line both sides of Oakdale at this critical intersection.

Bayshore near Lowes & McDonalds should be converted to Parking Protected Bike Lane.

Notice the uHaul truck double parked in the unprotected bike lane. Cars travel 40mph on this stretch of road.  The SFMTA already built floating bus boarding islands on this section of Bayshore. Converting the street to a curbside parking-protected bike lane is cheap tadalafil online & easy.

Compare 8th street in D6 (shown below). This street has bus boarding islands like Bayshore & parking protected bike lanes.  This is one of the best bike lanes in San Francisco, and Bayshore should get the same safe treatment.

Bayshore south of Industrial St  needs to be upgraded to physical barriers.

Again, cars travel at high speeds on this route.  The safe hit posts are knocked down in many places. It does not feel safe and comfortable to ride here, and it should.  It can be upgraded easily.

Compare to San Jose Ave in D8 (shown below). San Jose had safe it posts like Bayshore and was upgraded to cement barriers.  This is now a comfortable & safe place to walk and bike for people of all ages.

More Data about this important but dangerous pedestrian, transit & bicycle route.

Bayshore Blvd is on SF’s High Injury Corridor Map (13% of streets with 75% of serious injuries/deaths)

Bayshore is on SF’s Official bike route map